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Moodle User Agreement

HQC Moodle allows authorized users to access educational materials related to quality improvement in Saskatchewan’s health care system. All users of the Moodle platform must agree to the terms of service outlined below.

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Terms of Service

  1. Users will have access to online courses and learning materials. For some courses, access is granted at the request of the program coordinator (either HQC or regional) and may also be revoked at the request of the program coordinator. 

  2. Moodle is available online 24-7, except for planned service interruptions for maintenance and upgrades. There may also be unplanned service interruptions that are beyond the control of HQC. In these cases, HQC will strive to have the Moodle site restored as soon as possible.

  3. HQC does not assume responsibility for any loss of information posted in the HQC Moodle site. While in most cases courses are archived, the information may be removed at the discretion of HQC.

  4. The HQC Moodle site allows for tracking activities of all users. This information is used for service improvement.

  5. HQC reserves the right to remove, vary, or amend any of the content which appears on the site at any time and without prior notice.

  6. The HQC Moodle site may contain links to external websites. HQC is not responsible for the content or accessibility of these sites.

User Responsibilities and Code of Conduct

In using the HQC Moodle site users are agreeing to the following guidelines and policies:

  1. Moodle is to be used only for the purposes of education and learning, and incidental personal use (for example, participation in social forums). Moodle may not be used for commercial purposes, such as marketing or sales. 

  2. Moodle may not be used for uploading, storing, viewing or transmitting any material which is (or may be considered to be) defamatory, inflammatory, discriminatory, obscene, sexist, racist or offensive.

  3. Moodle users must act in a professional manner – being polite and courteous to other Moodle users. Moodle is not to be used to libel, slander, bully or harass other persons. 

  4. Users are responsible for ensuring appropriate copyright/fair use of any materials posted or shared through the Moodle site.  

  5. Users must not attempt to gain access to unauthorized parts of Moodle. They also must not post materials which contain viruses or other programs which might disrupt service.

  6. Users are responsible for ensuring security of their username and password. This includes: not sharing passwords with others, not leaving logged in session unattended in public area, etc. 

  7. Users are responsible for keeping profiles updated. In particular, the account must have an active email account linked to the user.  Where a user is leaving an organization and joining another one, he/she should contact HQC to ensure continuity of access. It is at the discretion of HQC as to whether a user will have continued access to the site.

Users who have been granted course editing or moderating privileges also agree to the following:

  1. Being responsible for moderating discussion forums.

  2. Viewing only such participant/learner information as needed for the purpose of facilitating the course. 

  3. Maintaining participant/learner privacy and confidentiality within the course. For example, content of discussion forums should not be shared outside the course without the express permission of the participant.

  4. Maintaining the integrity of courses and programs when making any edits or modifications.

User accounts may be suspended or terminated at the discretion of HQC if these policies are violated.  HQC reserves the right to update these terms as required.

Please note: This user agreement will appear the first time a user logs into the HQC Moodle Site. To access courses, users must click on the Agree button to proceed.